The I Can Home

We are a foster home that offers living accommodation to children between the ages of 0 to 13 years, who have been victims of neglect, abuse or other social issues. The children of our home get round the clock care, and through treatment programs, guidance, and other activities they are prepared for the future.

The home is situated on 1200 m3, of land. The house consists of 4 bedrooms 2 bathroom, with a lounge, TV, dining room and kitchen area. There is a large play- ground attached to the home where the children can be found daily doing all types of activities.

The Children

Children are accepted when they meet the criteria of our house policy, and have all their documents, and the intake form filled out. No emphasis is placed on religion, race, background or cultural differences. We have a non-discriminatory policy where all children are treated equally and are expected to grow into well-rounded human beings.


Most of our placements are through our local “Court of Guardianship”, or by parents and guardians in need of such service. We work closely with “The Family Guardian Supervisory Foundation”, the schools etc.

The Situation

Most of the children in our home come from the “Court of Guardianship”. They are taken out of their homes by the order from the judge and when placed in our care, all the necessary forms has to be filled out. There is no contract care form to be filled out but other forms that clearly define our objectives.

This has proven to be problematic sometimes. If the children are placed under “toezicht” the whole process flows smoother. There are still a lot of flaws in the social systems on our Island with regards to childcare service.

In House Activities

While children are residing in our homes, our staff strives to help them become as responsible and self-reliant as possible. We attempt to create an environment, which enhances a child’s learning and practice of positive, interactive family life.

The children partake daily with activities to help develop their social and motor skills (the babies). We have recently instituted a program of activities for the children where they can learn to appreciate their surroundings. Such activities include gardening, pet grooming, taking care of animals e.g. feeding and bathing them.

Treatment Method

The I Can Home is based on a reality oriented treatment program. The children are taught the principles of receiving natural consequences for their actions, both positive and negative, from staff or administrators. All community resources are utilized to insure that the children receive proper counseling, medical treatment, recreation, and individualized scholastic programs. The professional staff at the home works with each resident to improve self-esteem, identity, and to teach responsibility and respect.

The staff comprises;

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Leaders
  • Cleaner
  • Handyman

Positive Connection Hotline.
Telephone 9200.
All Calls Are Confidential

We are here to listen
We offer comfort
We provide counseling
We give support

Our Partners

Our partners are very special to us. Without them, a lot of the things that we have done and accomplished would not have been possible without their support. These partnerships are a stragtegic component of our sustainablity as a foundation. Some of our community partners are:

Foundation Acts 29
St. Maarten Golf Association
American University of the Caribbean
Office World