The Foundation

The I Can Foundation was establish and notarized on July 17th, 1996, by the notary office of Elco Rosario. The board consists of seven members who represent a cross section of the community. Their commitment to the foundation was initialized from their work. The members have a wide variety of experience; the police, schools, hospitality sector, insurance company, and accountants.

The foundation established a foster home in 1996 where children were placed from The Court of Guardianship. Our first residents came in 1998 and since then we have given shelter to over 30 or more children. We have also had the opportunity to provide shelter for children from the neighboring Islands.

The Board

Cassandra Gibbs: President
Macario Giterson: Vice President
Maria Alexis: Secretary
Lester De Graff: Treasurer
Ronald Pinard: Asst. Treasurer
Calvin Turner: Board Member
Lydia Lake: Board Member

Our Objectives

  • To foster strong and capable human beings.
  • To assist families/parents who are in critical and needy situations with the care and rearing of their children.
  • To equip children through educational programs with skills that will strengthen their social development and life long skills.
  • To offer information and educate children in seeking perspectives in loving themselves, the society and the world at large.

Positive Connection Hotline.
Telephone 9200.
All Calls Are Confidential

We are here to listen
We offer comfort
We provide counseling
We give support

Our Partners

Our partners are very special to us. Without them, a lot of the things that we have done and accomplished would not have been possible without their support. These partnerships are a stragtegic component of our sustainablity as a foundation. Some of our community partners are:

Foundation Acts 29
St. Maarten Golf Association
American University of the Caribbean
Office World